Your ranking in a search engine is vital to an Internet marketing campaign. If your business is on page two or three of a search engine, you can pretty much guarantee you will not get as much traffic to your website as the sites on page one. In order to make it to page one you need high quality content that comes in many different forms and one of these forms is user-generated video testimonial.

In the ever changing world of the Internet the criteria for page and website ranking is somewhat of a mystery. The way search engines go about ranking websites and their pages is a complicated process which they keep secret, and rightly so. If they were to reveal these secrets, their competition would gain valuable information that would put them out of business. It could be likened to maintaining a poker face when you know you have a really good hand of cards. Despite all of this, it is fairly well known that high quality videos will boost your ranking and make a good impression on customers.

There are two points to examine when it comes to video content and your website ranking:

  • Why user-generated video testimonials are of value.
  • Why the quality of the video you place on your business website is important.

User-generated video testimonials are of value to your ranking for a couple of reasons. First, content is king on the Internet, and this does not just mean the kind of content you read; this content includes graphics, pictures and videos as well. Secondly, videos created by your customers and posted to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter will only push you higher in the rankings.

Content that is qualitative will put you ahead of your competition in a search engine. A qualitative video should provide the customer with useful information. One source of qualitative and useful information is your very own customers and their user-generated video testimonials. What they have to say is of use to new customers because they have bought your product, and can provide future customers with the information necessary to make an informed decision about whether to buy your products or services.

Whether you wish to give customers an incentive for posting user-generated video testimonials on social media outlets, or you would like to place a video on your business website, contact us so we can help you make your website content king with user-generated video testimonials.