Right now, the United States is experiencing a recession, and customers are a commodity. They are not only a commodity because of their limited funds. Customers are distracted. They use multiple devices and multiple apps. Television, Facebook, Radio, Twitter, Smartphone, Pinterest, IPad, and various games are vying for their attention.

How can you be heard above the crowd? How do you engage customers and increase brand awareness? Many businesses have tried email marketing, but email marketing is also difficult. Many emails go unopened or there is no response. According to Brendan Cournoyer, a Content Marketing Manager for Brainshark, Inc., “In a recent study by Experian Marketing Services , simply including the word ‘video’ in the subject line of an email was shown to increase click-through-rates by anywhere from 7 percent to 13 percent.” 

At BuboBox we make video testimonials easy. Our goal is to increase conversions, engage your customers, and save you time. So how can you use video in your emails to engage your customers?

The first step is to embed a video link into your email; click here to watch a short how to video. Embedding a link into your email, will create a snapshot of your video with a play button. All customers need to do is click on the pic and your video will play.

With that being said, Cournoyer offers 3 excellent ways to use video in your emails to engage customers.

  • Include positive videos testimonials of customers who have tried your product to attract new customers. Make sure you include videos that explain why the customer enjoys your product.
  • If you have an upcoming event, use video to excite attendees or to boost attendance. This can be done with any event, concert, seminar, or webinar. Have the keynote speaker give highlights of the event or share their own excitement.
  • Finally, after an event or webinar follow-up with an email that contains video thanking the attendees and offering a short overview of the meeting. You can also include how your company can make business easier for them.

Let us help you engage customers and increase brand awareness by including video testimonials in email.  At BuboBox we make it easy, contact us.