Gamification techniques are starting to become an integral part for any business process. The tools that the system provides can be used to improve every process for maximum benefit. Employing a gamification methodology can help increase customer loyalty while supporting employee productivity.

Gamification methods

Gamification methods arenot limited to only businesses that deploy video games. These techniques are named after the ideas that video games exposed. Based on the concept of interaction, gamification techniques help drive customers to continually visit a business and also stimulate employee involvement. These techniques are designed around common behaviors that people exhibit when playing video games.

When people play video games, they are inundated with various forms of stress and elation. By completing goals and tasks, players are attached to playing for reaching even greater goals. This idea is applied in the same manner for common business processes. By giving a customer or employee a goal to complete, they are presented similar kinds of stresses and elation that players feel as well. Performing the goal challenges them to succeed and completing the goal rewards them at success. Some common goals may be:

– Creating posts;\ – Answering posts;\ – Making sales;\ – And, Helping customers.

Levels of gamification

These goals then accumulate. To prevent customers and employees from becomming bored, levels of difficulty are added. These levels are adjusted for each individual based on how easy or hard certain tasks are. If one employee finds it easier to sell a specific item compared to another, then selling that item will earn less reward than the harder one. This is designed to help make the system fair so that others will not become discouraged and reduce in participation or production. To stimulate continued involvement, a reward system is enacted.


Rewards can be tangible objects, monetary, or just the satisfaction of completing the level. Rewards are used to help continue involvement by the players: customers or employees. Examples of rewards can include free digital downloads, coupons for special items, bonuses on paychecks, or items that a person can place on their social media sites like colored stars for different levels.

Gamification techniques

Gamification techniques are excellent for many businesses to help introduce a growing customer base and to help increase employee productivity. They are designed around the ideas that video game players exhibit and can be applied for many common business processes. Employing gamification techniques can be a great way to take that next step to greater success.

Gamification techniques in BuboBox Video Tools

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