If you have ever heard of the online gamer commentary slash comedian Toby, you might have a range of emotions from annoyed to highly amused. Toby manages to constantly sing, talk, create imaginary dialog and impressions as he plows through various levels of games. You should know; Kids love him – and often times I hear children giggling so hard they can’t stop.

Toby has an attention-grabbing, fan building setup; the majority of the screen displays the game he is playing while a top right corner box shows a web cam image of himself as he plays.

The impact of Toby’s video marketing approach

Interestingly enough, Toby has three YouTube channels with a combined total over 7,500,000 million fans. To be fair, I am sure the number contains duplicate fans for each channel. The numbers are still impressive, however – and it’s hard not to be impressed.

The stats on Toby’s social networks?

Facebook: 374K

Instagram: 189K

Twitter: 500K

His online video playthroughs have literally taken him to the next level. Ranging from television appearances, commercials, iTunes albums, and t-shirts.

Connect with your fans

Toby’s infectious personality clearly took him to the top from the moment he posted his first video on YouTube, the fan count doesn’t lie. Over 7,500,000 fans have been exposed to several various video games over the years because of Toby. His fan building provided ways for fans to interact with him, challenge him with video replies, and debate him.

Do I need to repeat that?

1.  Game exposure

2.  Game interaction

3.  Game challenges

4.  Fan Building

5.  Game sells

Using video marketing for fan building

Successful fan building should always remain vital to your video marketing process. Incorporating a strategic video event tool that generates social buzz before, during and after a event or interactive social channels; remains a key component in the fan building process. Using a well-designed video marketing tool should allow you to build social video channels, set up video contests, and even support offline channels with user generated videos. Even set a definition of standards in your product and enhances a fan building strategy.

You do not need Toby for successful fan building, you just need the right video marketing package that takes social marketing to a whole new level.