Everyone wants their information now. People no longer want to wait for their testimonials by being forced to read through someone else’s thoughts. We want a hands on account of the product and whether it works or not. Our brains are moving faster than ever before and our hyperactive appetites need explanations in full living color. We want our testimonials in video form so we can see for ourselves that the product is working. This is why fan building is now dependent on how fast a company can switch to video testimonials.

Why Video Testimonials have significant impact on fan building?

Individuals will become fans of a website or social media page faster if there are videos explaining the product and how it works. Those same fans will stay if there are video testimonials to the product from their fellow customers. People trust in product demonstrations but they trust even more in the honesty of their neighbors and friends.

Positive and Negative Video Testimonials both do help

Any company who is willing to post live customer video testimonials about their product for all customers to see will earn the trust of future customers. Companies who post negative video testimonials to their product with a response on how they will handle product flaws goes the extra mile toward fan building.

In advertising, companies are allowed a certain license to stretch the truth regarding products. Customers know this and want a company in which they can trust. When a company offers video testimonials, good and bad, directly from customers, they build a fan base on trust and good feelings. It’s always a wise decision on the part of any company to use video testimonials, with direct responses from the company, for fan building and customer acclimation.

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