It’s summertime and the festival season in Belgium is attracting thousands of visitors every week! Everywhere you go there’s something going on… Last week Santana played at Werchter Classics, this weekend you can go and see Pink Floyd, and next week the city of Ghent turns into one big festival area for 10 days of fun!

Yeah, we Belgians know where the party’s at.

People like to share where they are & what they’re doing

When visiting these events, the attendees are taking pictures of their favorite artist, or making a video with their smartphone to share the atmosphere with their friends.

Isn’t it great? These attendees are spreading the word, talking positive about your festival or event! But there’s something that can be improved…. A lot!

But content gets fragmented, and your event is missing out on the love…

This picture got a lot of likes on the Facebook page of the company I worked for, but MOZ didn’t get any love…

This picture got even more likes… Probably because Joannais more likeable than Rand.

As people share the pictures & videos on social channels, they don’t automatically tag or mention the event, speaker, conference, … All this precious user generated content spreads across the web, but you don’t have any control, nor can you measure the impact of this content on inbound traffic, fanbuilding, engagement, …

Capture the user generated content in a central spot

Events can capture the love of their fans by providing an easy to use solution where all this user generated content is stored. This way the event organizers have very valuable content of visitors, and they have the possibility to do very crazy things with it… We’ll show you how … In order to get the most out of the user generated content, these are the 4 steps we follow here at BuboBox:

1) Provide the right platform:

Make sure that the attendees know where & how they can share their content. One of the benefits of using a central platform is that you can moderate the entries & filter unappropriate content. Another key element is that the visitors are using smarthphones and tablets, so make sure you’re mobile ready!

This is an example of the BuboBox mobile landingpage where visitors of your event can upload media like video, photo, audio, text, …



As the entries are uploaded, they will appear on a custom campaign microsite or Facebook page, making it easy to share…

2) Stimulate recording & sharing by adding gamification elements:

When you have a platform where visitors can easily submit the content, it’s time to stimulate sharing! The best way to get people engaged is to add gamification elements. You can use a leaderboard with the most likes/shared/viewed videos, or you can come up with your own magic formula to calculate the score.

Tip: Make sure the incentive is rewarding enough to get more entries.

3) Reward Contributors

The attendees are showing you their love by uploading user generated content through your platform, and by sharing it through social media in order to get on top of the leaderboard. Now it’s time to show some love towards them!

Reward the contributors with a nice goodie. This can be a discount on upcoming events, a free drink, … Your fans are spreading the word for you, they deserve something in return, don’t you think?

4) Impact on inbound social traffic, likes, shares, mentions, …

As the contributors are sharing their entries on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, e-mail, … they are triggering their friends to like/share/vote in order to get on top of the leaderboard.

Every click on a picture or video will redirect friends of contributors to the central platform. It’s the place where all the content comes together, and where friends of contributors will be sent when they want to see the picture or video, and that’s exactly where the benefits for you as an event organizer are:

– Visitors are redirected to your event’s Facebook page or website (depends where the BuboBox widget is used)

– Visitors will spend more time on your page or website, because they take a look at other entries as well

– Contributors are used to spread the word, and by doing that they are sending inbound traffic!

The BuboBox platform comes with an Analytics module where you can see the impact of shared videos on your inbound traffic.

**[Event Marketing using User Generated Content]( "Event Marketing using User Generated Content")** from **[BuboBox](**