Our company operates out of our home country of Belgium, but we do business all over the world, helping businesses harness the power of video testimonials on their pages.

So we pay attention to the use of improved branding by using video, and we recently saw an example from an organization that you wouldn’t think needs help with branding: The FBI.

That’s right, the famed Federal Bureau of Investigation, known around the world as the iconic government cops featured in scores of movies and seen in the news almost every day.

Yet here they are launching a brand campaign using video and no less of an actor than Michael Douglas.

It seems the FBI thinks that using video of the man who played a character famous for saying “Greed is Good” is just the guy to come out in a video now and proclaim that greed is not so good after all.

We know that video works, and this story makes it clear that video really can work to get a message across, in this case to people who work on Wall Street:

“The spot is going to attract a lot of attention for the FBI, and it’s going to get people thinking about the FBI if they see something that’s not quite right. If their goal is to generate leads and to get people to come forward, this is going to be very effective for them.”

Well, the FBI must have some money to spend, we don’t imagine that Michael Douglas works for free.

So whom do you want to star in your video brand campaign? What we’ve found through research is that the star of your campaign should be your current customer. A video testimonial is a great way to build your brand, and your reputation.

So if you can get Michael Douglas, you should, but if you can’t, and you’d like to learn more about what you can do, please contact us. Thank you.