Maintaining a good reputation is the basis for building a brand. Many companies launch brand campaigns for people to try a product, so they can receive feedback. The most popular way for consumers to share their product reviews is by video.

Literally, thousands of reviews are uploaded daily. People are not afraid to speak their mind. It is challenging keeping track of the constant flow of information coming from different social media outlets.

Plug and Play – BuboBox

Bubobox monitors, manages and coordinates buzz generated from brand campaigns. It is as easy as copying our code and pasting it into your website.

There is a user-friendly dashboard to configure your campaigns, connect your Analytics account and Facebook page, reward contributors, and more.

The detailed information provided by Bubobox allows you to export your social media channels, send messages in various languages, etc.


Compelling and timely customer engagement is a challenge for almost every retailer. With Bubobox customers can easily submit their video product reviews right from your website driving higher sales, enhancing profits, building stronger loyalty and increasing customer satisfaction.

Video Testimonials

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is so much more valuable. Studies show that people who view videos are 85% more likely to make a purchase, and by just displaying a video on your website increases the conversion rate.

Asking customers to submit their own videos of your products in action, their product reviews, or their how-to videos during brand campaigns is essential to increasing customer engagement and getting the relevant marketing your brand needs.