With social media exposure at the fingertips of every reputable marketer – the question for you now becomes – how do you keep your audience captive and coming back for more? 

Fan Engagement keeps loyal fans in the loop

It’s certainly a valid question and one of the UK’s Premier League Soccer teams, Manchester City, is leading the way with using online video to keep loyal fans in the loop. This marketing technique is called fan engagement – and it is quickly taking hold across marketing-savvy organizations located throughout the world. 

Let’s take a quick look at how Manchester City currently leverages the power of web-based video embedded with social media channels to foster fan engagement. According to a blog article published by bright ideas’ author, Brenna Fitzgerald, she explains:

Given our understanding of what it means to be a true team enthusiast, we can appreciate the desire for the fans of Manchester City Football Club–an esteemed English Premier League team–to keep track of Man City from wherever they may be in the world. 

Video also conveys the emotions & excitement

Russell Stopford, Head of Digital of the Club, explains they rely upon online video to not only share team coverage with its global fan network, but also to convey the emotion and excitement of the sport in a visual fashion.

Manchester City’s approach

Manchester City’s approach to engaging their fans is a very effective, calculated approach to fostering unwavering loyalty.  Whether you market the talents of a sports team, musical band, entertainment company or any organization with a strong visual presence – this notion of engaging fans always applies if your organization intends to keep its fans interested over the long term.

Using video keeps fans connected

By using web-based video embedded into social media platforms, fans stay connected, give feedback when asked and feel excited about the very thing you are trying to promote.  Because of the nature of social media, excited fans can pull in other fans with likes, comments and shares on Facebook as an example – which further boosts engagement.  Finally, video content must be updated frequently, be timely and relevant to current events to keep fan momentum going.

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