Customer video testimonials are becoming a growing area of marketing on company websites and social media as part of a bigger picture. And that diffuse picture is in video watching becoming one of the most popular online activities. You can see companies taking advantage of that everywhere when you notice how crowded Youtube has become. Some of the biggest names in the industry are now posting up to 500 videos a month to attract consumer interest.

Not all of those videos are customer testimonials, however. What would happen if all companies started placing customer video testimonials on their websites? Would it eliminate the need for a website to have a “FAQ” or “About Us” link at the top of the page?

Video Testimonials as FAQ

The advantage of a video testimonial is in not only promoting how good your product is but also information about the product. You always need a good story behind a brand in order to truly connect with consumers. Arranging to have real people who bought your product talk about its benefits can potentially consolidate every piece of information a consumer wants to know.

Doing the above means picking certain subjects and letting each customer expound on their own experiences within those particular categories.

Things Customers Can Help Answer

If you want others to know about your customer service, you can ask a customer to talk about their personal experience buying your product. As well, you can ask them to bring up other sideline subjects people want to know about such as how they’ll be billed, any available discounts or how a product might be returned.

Every customer is going to experience something in multiple business categories that you can organize into a video FAQ. This also adds to a growing trend in the world of online marketing: A sense of personalization.

Making it Real for Other People

Consumers are now becoming very astute to things that are real or not real. They seem to have a perceptive radar to when people are clearly acting or telling the truth. It’s perhaps because acting has certain technique that doesn’t always lend to sounding natural.

Any prospective customer seeing a genuine person talking glowingly about your product and every aspect of your business will connect immediately with the public. When someone is new to your business, knowing everything about it and how other customers were treated will always eliminate skepticism.

Ultimately, conversion rates may skyrocket once more businesses use video testimonials as a form of FAQ. It may even change how websites look. Yes, most website structure could soon be all about video as our culture becomes more attracted to visuals than lengthy text.

If you need a company sharing in this kind of innovative thinking, then consider Ambassify. We’re in business to help you create customer testimonials on the fly that will be genuine and bring an immediate sense of trust to your company.

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