A study released by comScore ARS in early October 2010 reveals that user-generated video review’s exhibit elements of sales effectiveness usually found in professionally produced TV ads. In other words, customer video reviews published online can have a big impact in terms of encouraging more people to buy your products or services.

The comScore ARS study analyzed 25 user-generated online video reviews for products as diverse as Clairol, Gain, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, LG Electronics, and Apple. The results reveal that 68% of user-generated video reviews rated in the average range in terms of being persuasive and memorable while 32% rated above average and 0% rated below average. That means a full 100% of user-generated video reviews analyzed by comScore ARS were considered to be persuasive and memorable. That’s a statistic that’s hard to ignore!

Furthermore, the comScore ARS study sheds some light on why customer video reviews are so successful at persuading other customers. The reason goes back to a basic rule of copywriting that I include in my copywriting book for small business owners, no one cares about you. Customer video reviews are persuasive because the customers who make the videos talk primarily about the product, its features, its price, how it helps them, and so on rather than about themselves. In other words, rather than talking about themselves, customers who create video reviews talk about the product or service. It seems simple, but it’s a fundamental rule of copywriting that most businesses (large and small) forget or ignore.

There is absolutely no reason why small businesses can’t leverage the opportunity for building brand awareness and boosting sales that customer video reviews can generate. For example, you can start a YouTube channel and publish customer reviews there. You can also include those videos in your business blog or on a special page or section of your website.

You could even get the ball rolling by holding a contest asking for customers to submit video reviews (make sure you include a disclaimer telling them that by submitting, they automatically agree to allow you to publish the videos on your website, online branded destinations, social media profiles, etc.) and offer a prize to the best, most original, funniest, and so on. You can also offer an incentive beyond the prize to encourage customers to submit videos such as a discount on a future purchase to everyone who submits a video suitable for publishing on your business site (make sure you have a way to weed out the inappropriate videos!).

The key is to encourage customers to create video reviews. Make sure they understand that you’re not looking for Academy Award winning directorial debuts or cinematography efforts. A video captured on a webcam or inexpensive Flip video camera will do the trick as long as the customer is personable and speaks candidly.

Source: Kudzu Busines Success Center