Do you know how well your business is doing when it comes to customer experience?

If you don’t you could be in trouble and not know it. At the least, you could be missing tons of great information that could help you make improvements in your business.

Mark Hurst, widely touted as the guru of customer experience in the digital world, often makes the point that “customer experience is a strategic issue.”

Customer engagement is where business owners have the opportunity to learn.

A business owner may think they have a full understanding their operations and how they are working. They certainly get a information from their employees about what is happening. The question is are they getting all the information they need to make strategic decisions. They aren’t, unless they are actively seeking ways to engage with their customers.

Business owners who want to be successful have to know their strong points and their weak points — and everything in between. Why? Every aspect of your business can be used. Your strengths can be turned into actionable assets. Your weaknesses need to be fixed. Between those two ends of the scale, there are many things, some good and some maybe not so good, that you can use to your advantage.

If a customer rates your products or services as “just OK,” you should ask, what can I do to make it better? If they rave about your products you can brag, or let them brag for you. If they have major complaints, you need to address them. It’s all about interacting with your customers, getting to know what they think and then taking actions that show you are interested and paying attention to them.

If your customers are happy and satisfied with their experience, your chances of making your business a success. To do that, you have to find the right tools to assess your customer experience and the right tools to leverage what you learn into actions that benefit your business.

Are you engaging with your customers? Are you learning all you need to know to make the right strategy decisions? Are you collecting and using to your advantage the good and the bad news from your clients? If you are asking yourself these questions, contact us and let us help you find the answers you need.