If you happen to be in the market for a 55″ 3D TV, I guarantee that you are going to solicit reviews to find the best make and model. You may perhaps fulfill your due diligence by perusing articles in Consumer Reports, asking friends who have recently purchased the item, or seeking out online testimonials. Now, isn’t this the same level of convincing that your potential clients demand as well? Of course it is, and while it is quite easy for you to provide this feedback for them, it is essential that your reviews exhibit genuine credibility.

The University of Washington Foster School of Business recently conducted a study to examine the importance and development of credibility in such online testimonials. What the study uncovered will help you rocket your online testimonials from the mundane to the meaningful.

First and foremost is the reviewer’s willingness and ability to tell the truth. Consumers are much more wary to believe the corporate spokesperson or the paid actor because of the possible bias present in both scenarios. Today’s patron wants to know what other real customers think of the product or service. In fact, the study found that 98% of online shoppers will find online reviews before they pull the trigger on a purchase.

Your clients will gain even greater comfort if they find consistency in your reviews. Many online reviews use both a scoring system (a scale of 1-10 or a series of stars, etc.) that denote each reviewer’s overall satisfaction and a written explanation. While both forms of feedback are effective, potential customers became confused if the overall score was not completely emulated within the written review. To combat this problem you might try asking your reviewers to write their explanation and then give an overall score on the basis of what they wrote. Most shoppers also preferred to hear the good and bad of each product so they could make the most informed decision, so do don’t worry if you are not receiving perfect scores across the board. That’s not necessarily what your shoppers expect.

Online testimonials are one of the consumer’s most useful tools. With a bit of thought and planning, you can make them meaningful for both you and your customer.

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