The Spiral is a European television series about several art robberies and is broadcasted across Europe. The objective of the makers was to engage with viewers of this tv series online.

The concept, developed by Emakina, gave viewers the possibility to participate in the storyworld of “The Spiral”. Viewers had to perform a weekly task, and for every task they performed they received points to rank on the leaderboard. The leaderboard added gamification to get contributors more engaged.

The result? Tens of thousands videos & pictures were uploaded to the website in only a few weeks of time. BuboBox worked closely together with Emakina – the leading digital agency in Belgium highly experienced in building brand experiences, to power al the media uploads, as fans could participate in the concept through different visual challenges. Using online video marketing in this way really engages the contributors, and adding gamification elements makes it even more fun! 

online video marketing case study - The Spiral