Some of our customers have been expressing the need for a copy challenge button that allows them to quickly set up similar challenges. Since we recently introduced our new backend platform it seemed like the right time to update you on the status of this feature.

Duplicate for everyone!

When using the new Ambassify control panel you will be able to duplicate a challenge with no more than a few clicks. Repeating a challenge you did last year just became the easiest thing in the world, no more excuses not to engage your fans. Keep in mind that finding your superfans requires you to keep them challenged!

  1. First you open the challenge you wish to duplicate.
  2. Next scroll down to the Advanced section of the sidebar and click on Duplicate.
  3. Here you can enter the challenge name for your copy.
  4. Finally click the duplicate button and your challenge will be duplicated.

Duplicate online challenge through our platform


Don’t forget to check the copy and settings of all your enabled modules, these will be copied as well so make sure that they do not contain any old copy you might not want to show.

Here are some settings that you should be sure to check before publishing:

  • The copy associated with Promote by link
  • The Forms module
  • The Aggregation module
  • The Mail module
  • and finally the Share module