On Tuesday, November 8th, in a private lunch before the Founder Showcase, the Founder Institute will host an awards ceremony to celebrate the strongest Graduates worldwide. The awards will go to Graduates that have a full-time team and that have made significant progress towards their vision by launching an impressive product and securing market traction. Already, twenty companies below have been nominated for six awards.

The 8th Founder Showcase will feature Michael Arrington, General Partner at CrunchFund and Founder of TechCrunch. Past speakers include Elon Musk, Mark Suster, Jason Calacanis, Aaron Patzer, Phil Libin, Naval Ravikant, and more.

BuboBox is extremely pleased with our selection and is looking very much forward to continue working on improving our product.

The complete list of the selected companies below.

2011 Best Graduate Nominees