At BuboBox, we’ve been working hard on improving our platform. We’re happy to announce that we’re rolling out a new interface, adding new features and made an integration with Ambassify. In this short blog, we’ll give you a more in-depth rundown of what you can expect. To address these changes, our lead developer Wim Mostmans will do the talking.

What made you decide to change the interface?

The user interface of BuboBox was already a few years old. Since we’re rebranding many of our features together with the Ambassify platform, we decided to have a unified look across the whole board.

Untitled design

In terms of visual interface, we concluded it was important for our customers to understand that both products are addressing similar needs. The integration of an overarching house style reflects that these platforms are complementary to each other. Whether a user is familiar with BuboBox or Ambassify, we opted to minimise any process of adjustment.

A slight difference you will need to be aware of is that the BuboBox admin page changed from to

Which new features can we expect?

At first glance, many of the features you are accustomed to will be instantly recognisable. There was no need for a drastic re-imagining of our platform, but a touch-up never hurts. What you will notice is that our processes are considerately faster than before.


We’ve been working hard on code optimisation and also migrated all our data to EU servers. As a result, our product feels more responsive. The web is constantly changing and we know it is crucial for our customers to create campaigns that perform on a high level.

Most of our attention went to the form builder, which lets you create campaigns that identify your brand ambassadors. Since this is the bread and butter of BuboBox, a strong focus point was improving its user-friendliness.


Another crucial feature we refined is the publishing of challenges. In essence, we wanted users to have more control over their campaigns. Besides simplifying the setup process, customers can now effortlessly unpublish challenges, or duplicate older ones. The ability to duplicate challenges will relieve most of the work when you plan to run a similar campaign you had in the past.

What was something customers were looking for?

Most of our changes are a direct outcome of user feedback. Our core mission is always taking to heart the questions and comments we receive. We are confident that we managed to integrate many of the desired functionalities. The most prevalent ones are the renewed form builder and campaign duplicator.


Of course, we do work wth a diverse range of customers and that requires maintaining a clear overview. BuboBox delivers different solutions to small and large business. With this update, we can assure our existing customers they can still rely on their favourite features.

Are the new BuboBox features also integrated into Ambassify?

Yes, we are proud to announce that BuboBox is seamlessly integrated within Ambassify. Customers that use both our products will now have one clear interface. When it comes to brand ambassador identification, BuboBox has proven a great track record.


We do notice that there is an increased demand for activating these identified ambassadors. Ambassify is, therefore, our all-in-one community-driven growth platform. In the near future, we hope to merge the best of both worlds under one Ambassify roof. These recent updates are a great step closer towards that mission.