Boom! Lots of positive vibes at Ambassify lately. New features, new clients, new employees and more to be announced soon.

But how does the integration between BuboBox and Ambassify work? In a previous blog post, we mentioned that BuboBox integrates seamless with Ambassify. This time, we go the extra mile. Instead of offering both BuboBox and Ambassify administration panels, both products will be merged into one.

This means that the BuboBox name will disappear and become Ambassify. But no worries, all the existing BuboBox features will stay available in Ambassify and you only have to remember one name - that is a lot easier to pronounce.

Why is this happening?

First of all, Word-of-Mouth and advocacy is getting more and more popular. Finding the right people to advocate about you however, remains a challenge for many brands. By integrating BuboBox into Ambassify, we offer them:

  1. A solution to activate their audience on Social Media and find the people that have a strong brand connection
  2. The tools to let those people advocate for you

And they can do all of this from within one single platform.

Second, maintaining two products produces a lot of overhead. By integrating both, we can eliminate this overhead and focus on what matters most for our clients.

What changes for me?

Not much. When you try to log in on BuboBox, you will automatically be redirected to You can still use your existing user name and login. Once logged in, you’ll see the following screen:

Administration panel screenshot

Want to start a campaign? Just click on the trophy icon in the left sidebar and you are ready to go.

Lost your way in the new interface? Use the message icon at the bottom right of the screen to contact our support team or shoot a quick mail to [email protected]

Happy Ambassifying!