Much effort is spent outlining the best manner by which to define your company’s brand, but an equally essential question pertains to the necessity of a brand campaign.

Companies expend both time and resources to develop their brands, so there must be a return on the investment, but how much financial value really exists for brands?  The answer is absolutely none if your company does not make a conscientious effort to spread the word about your brand.

Brands are an intangible asset for businesses, so they are not an element that is readily observed by your customers.  There is not an exact figure that can be placed on a company’s defining elements (logo, colors, slogan, consumer promise, etc.), but the financial gains that they support can be estimated if they are used appropriately.

One of the most successful brands of all time, Coca Cola, has sustained for more than 118 years, remaining a constant through all of history’s celebrations and strife, not to mention through all of the corporation’s evolutions. As a result of the brand’s stability, 51% of the company’s stock market value is attributed to the brand itself.

Just as many consumers purchase Coca Cola products because of the familiar red and white labeling and fluid lettering, many investors choose to purchase Coca Cola stock because of its stable and ever present persona.  In essence, their successful branding is selling their product and their stock. Neither of these scenarios would be possible, however, if Coca Cola did not emblazon every product with their bold colors or create advertising campaigns that highlight their company’s unique personality.

The soft drink’s messages may have altered a bit each year of their existence, but the basic message has always remained constant.  The slogan from their 1886 campaign, “Delicious refreshing invigorating,” is not all that different from their 2005 slogan, “Give. Live. Love.”  The words and format are a bit different, but everyone knows what they are advertising because they have made their product so present in daily life, forging relationships with entire families of consumers.

According to a John Akasie’article in Forbes, “It’s a about brands and brand building and consumer relationships…Those are the things that the stock market rewards with high price-earnings ratios.”

Companies of all sizes are reaping very tangible benefits from their intangible assets.  Consumers are most willing to spend their money on both product and stocks when they feel they have a relationship with a company.  It is up to the company to seek out the relationship.

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