Your customer leaves a review saying “This product is bad” with no stars, no further information.  Do they mean this product is BAD, in a good way?  Or do they mean, this product IS bad.  You know, by seeing that they ordered 10 more of the same, that they loved it.  However, how are your other customers to know?  It looks like cheating if you edit the review.  It’s not your customer’s job to take the time to write an expressive description of what’s great about your product, but it sure would be nice if they could express their enthusiasm to other shoppers.

Customer video testimonials allow this enthusiasm to bubble forth from your current customers to your future ones.  A video testimonial will capture all the information that is hard to write into a review – tone of voice, facial expressions, even the product itself.  How much more powerful is it for your customers to hold your product and point to the features they love than to just say, “it works like I expected”?

Clinical studies have shown that “Responding to faces is a critical tool for social interactions between humans.”  Using customer video testimonials allows your customers, even those who think good spelling is a bourgeois affectation, to share their enthusiasm for your product directly with your future customers.

Creating an on-line video is fun for your customer reviewer as well.  Few people will send a link to their friends of a review they just wrote.  Many people will send a link to their friends of the video they just recorded.  And that can only be good for your future sales.  Contact us to learn more.