Thanks to BMW i, Team Ambassify had the opportunity to drive electric for a week. None of us had ever driven electric and we were all pretty excited about it. With the ‘i-Series’, BMW is clearly illustrating their vision of the future of driving and whether you like it or not, combustion engines are not part of BMW’s vision. Each one of us took the i3 home for a day to fully experience the car and to take it for a drive with friends and family. This is our story.

What’s it like to drive the BMW i3?

There were a few things we noticed instantly. After pressing the ‘Start-stop button’ we weren’t sure if the car was actually ready to drive since we didn’t hear the engine’s noise. It was only after selecting a gear that we knew the car was ready. Something else we all noticed was that after releasing the accelerator, the car slows down more than a regular car does. With Brake Energy Regeneration, BMW EfficientDynamics points the way to a more energy-efficient future. As soon as you brake or take your foot off the accelerator, the kinetic energy is captured and fed to the battery.


As for handling and roadability, driving electric did not feel any different than a regular car does. Of course, we had all heard that electric cars accelerate very fast so it didn’t take long before we put the pedal to the metal. Does this thing go! Contrary to combustion engines, electric engines have all their torque at their disposal at all the time, which gives you an instant launch control.

The pros

  • driving the BMW i3 feels relaxed since you don’t hear any noises from that car, except the tires
  • although the car may not look large, we were all surprised about the space we had inside. Even our tallest colleagues had more than enough space on the back seats
  • it holds a large screen in the center which displays a lot of information
  • knowing that driving electric has very little impact on the environment actually, makes you feel good
  • the largest advantage, and probably the main reason people choose to drive electric, is the limited cost of driving. The idea of buying a car and having very few costs to keep the car running does feel satisfying.


The cons

There are actually not a lot bad things to say about the car, except for one problem we faced. At this moment the BMW i3 is just not suited if you have a busy day where you have to be at different places during the day. When you have several meetings, the BMW i3 may not get you there. The i3 we drove has the ‘Range Extender’ option, which partially solved the problem but this is not completely future proof.

Is this an disadvantage of driving electric? We don’t think so. It may seem a problem at this time but most likely, technology will solve this problem within the next years.

Thanks again BMW for this great experience!