Word-of-mouth marketing is not a new concept, but it is just now sinking its feet into the Internet-marketing world. Also known as WOM market, this style has the ability to develop a customer base that trusts you and really wants your product. Here are five ways WOM marketing can work for you.


People trust friends and family members. They also trust a face. When combined with video marketing, WOM marketing becomes the ultimate in spreading the word about a company. Videos allow reviewers to spread their voice to millions of people. In a face-to-face situation that number is greatly limited. If potential buyers can see a face telling them a product is good, they are more likely to trust that source.

Improved Conversions

When a person is researching a product or service online, they often look for reviews. Review reading leads to more clicks. This is amplified when using video reviews instead of just text. People are more likely to get interested in the video and start clicking around for more information. This results in high conversions for products, ads or services.

More Relatable

Seeing a person speak about a product is more helpful than reading. Viewers can see them touching a tangible product or expressing emotions about an intangible product. They can show viewers how it works instead of writing about it. Furthermore, writing isn’t always conveyed the right way. Videos show multiple angles to engage customers more.


Having written content about your product is fine, but videos really take it to the next level. People share things on social-networking websites, and videos are much more popular. They are more likely to be clicked. Very few people can resist an interesting video on something relevant to their interests! This helps increase awareness quickly.

It’s More Fun

Video testimonials are more fun. It’s really that simple. Having real people talk about your product to the Internet is the easiest way to get people engaged. It’s fun for the reviewer, it is fun for potential customers and it is great for your business.