Ambassador Distillery Lab

Join Rik Lagey in his lab to find your ambassadors

Rik will turn your headquarters into an ambassador lab

Rik Lagey
Graphic Ambassify Ambassador Distillery Lab

We’re proud to have Rik onboard. Rik has an extended knowledge and experience in digital marketing & transformation and is our own new ambassador.

Rik is joining Ambassify as during the years he has seen the significant growth and importance of word of mouth marketing. In a competitive business and with marketing coming so overwhelmingly complex and expensive, word of mouth marketing is going back to the roots of marketing: your customer recommending your vision, approach, products and services. Ambassify is not only a wonderful tool to enable this process, the people here have an extended knowledge to guide you through the process and to start a trustworthy two-way relationship with your customers. Imagine the value of ideation and co-creation ideas for product innovation and improved services. Everyone knows that the best performing Brands have an extended relationship with their customers.

Today, we’re launching the Ambassador Distillery Lab, a smart 2 days audit and recommendation workshop to get you ready for the benefits of word of mouth marketing.

About Rik

  • 20-year digital track
  • ex-partner DigitasLBi
  • Former co-founder NewsMonkey (Native advertisement)
  • Well-known event organizer: sales summit, strategic marketing day, …
  • Business Development Manager
  • Commercial Director Ambassify

Break out session AM

  • Understanding why customers decide to buy from you
  • What’s the actual process to get customer feedback
  • What’s lacking in the process

Break out session PM

  • What’s your marketing all about
  • Using the right digital assets & tools to enhance your online marketing

Break out session AM

  • Employer advocacy :: Where to start?
  • Identifying your ambassadors :: Where to start?

Break out session PM

  • The ambassadors’ roadmap :: Set-up, best practices, tips & tricks
  • The next mile :: Gamification, ideation, co-creation, engagement


* 1.495,-

* Full kick-back when you use Ambassify
within 3 months after the workshop