Advocate Marketing for Tech Companies
Building social proof around the web

How does this work?

Engage through reviews, referrals and references

Build social proof by letting your advocates write on 3th-party review websites, give referrals or act as a reference.

Mobile friendly

Reach out to them on the device that matters

Landingpage- or community-driven

Engage through landingpages or bring your most engaging advocates together in an exclusive, closed community



Through a unique patent-pending technology, we identify your genuine advocates advocates



We make sure your advocates experience the program in their own language.



Divide your advocates in segments such as HR, Marketing, IT, Finance to provide them with challenges that matter to them.


Customisable reward system

Through gamification, the experience for your advocates will become more fun, engaging and rewarding.

Challenged over 10,000 ambassadors for leading brands

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