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Will you feel more comfortable if we tell you that advocacy can supercharge your leads funnel in ways you couldn’t even imagine? That it can turn a stone-cold prospect into a flaming hot evangelist for your brand inside a year, provided you know what you’re doing?

And no, you won’t have to spend months figuring it out, hours working on it every day, or millions paying for it. You just have to make a slight (but important) shift in how you engage with and nurture your current customers.

We created an Advocacy Playbook that will guide you through the whole process of setting up your advocacy program - you can check and download it right here. But, we didn’t stop there!

To help you start your advocacy journey on the right foot and without any hassle whatsoever, we’re sharing our Advocacy Wheel with you. It’s a simple, one-page printout that you can use to start planning your advocacy program immediately.

We’ll also throw in a one-on-one consultancy session with one of our Word-of-Mouth Marketers. This way, you can make sure you’re off to a good start.

Download our wheel

Our Advocacy Wheel will help you visualize all the steps you need to take before launching an official advocacy program. This makes it easier to present your case to a skeptic boss, or to find in-house champions willing to don the advocacy mantle.

Download Ambassify’s Advocacy Wheel today, and start making real progress when it comes to lead gen and sales. No debilitating costs and no advertising headaches: just you, your fans, and the awesome power of online word of mouth managed through the best advocacy platform in the world - Ambassify.

Advocacy wheel visualize